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1 FluX Methane Product 3.png
1 FluX Methane Product 3.png



The smart gas detection platform


  • Available for detection of all major industrial gases, such as CH4, N2O, CO2,  and many others

  • Smart integration with X-Cloud - the complete cloud-based reporting dashboard

  • Optionally available with leak quantification software to trustfully manage and act on industrial leaks

  • Options available: Wind speed and direction sensors, temperature, humidity and optical gas detection (OGI)

Simply deploy FluX to get the most in your application:

1 FluX Methane Product_Industry_compressed.jpg

Stationary Leak Detection and Repair (LDAR)

1 FluX Methane Product drone and car.jpg

Mobile Emissions Management

1 FluX Methane Product cattle.jpg

Livestock Emissions Monitoring

Get to know


  • Tuneable Diode Laser Spectroscopy (TDLAS) for selective methane detection

  • Available in M/L configurations for stationary measurements, choose S configuration for mobile measurements

  • Low detection limits of 1 ppm CH4 and below

  • T90 < 20s for stationary measurements, quick configuration T90 < 2s available for mobile applications

  • Designed for long lifetime of >10 years

Contact the SensorX experts for all available options.

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